ExaMode and YourTerm collaboration

The ExaMode consortium has officially started a collaboration with the YourTerm – Terminology without borders project of the Terminology Coordination Unit (TermCoord).

The main aim of the project is to enhance communication in a number of domains by tailoring terminology to citizens’ needs through the use of several multilingual efforts.

The collaboration fits in the context of the YourTerm MED project in order to collect the Examode terminology in a new sub-project on Pathology and make it available for different languages and for supporting expert-layperson communication.

ExaMode at the Artificial Ontellingence in Healthcare Workshop

Svetla Boytcheva (Sirma AI – @Ontotext) participated at the stakeholders’ workshop “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: paving the way with standardization (27 October 2020 )  #AIStandards4Health organized by #CEN & #CENELEC – European Standardization.

There, she discussed challenges, opportunities, and standardization AI solutions for the healthcare sector, all central topics of the ExaMode project.