Public Deliverables

IDDeliverable titleWork PackageLeadertypeDownloadDue date
D3.1First set of curated, publicly available multimodal and multimedia dataWP3HES-SOOtherPDFM6

Set of publicly available algorithms to separate compound imagesWP3HES-SOOther
D4.1 Algorithms forsemantic segmentationand detection inhistopathology imagesWP4RadboudumcReportPDF M18
D7.5First set of data curated and availableWP7AOECOtherPDFM12
D7.7First set of annotateddigital pathology dataWP7AOECOtherPDFM18
D8.1EXA MODE websiteWP8HES-SOWebsites, patents filling, etc.PDFM6
D8.41st dissemination,communication andexploitation report& outline for thefollowing yearWP8ONTOTEXTReportPDFM18