ExaMode sponsor of DESIRES 2021

ExaMode is a gold sponsor of the Design of Experimental Search & Information REtrieval Systems (DESIRES2021), held the 15-18 September 2021 in Padua, Italy, at the Department of Information Engineering, one of the partners of the project.

DESIRES is a biennial systems-oriented conference emphasizing the innovative technological aspects of search and retrieval systems. It gathers researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to discuss the latest innovative and visionary ideas in the field, encouraging papers about innovative and risky information access and retrieval system ideas, systems-building experience and insight, resourceful experimental studies, provocative position statements, and new application domains.

Sirma AI “Data Science in Healthcare” webinar

Sirma AI (Ontotext) organized a webinar on the topic “Data science in Healthcare: Extreme-scale text-based classification of medical data” for the general public, where was presented an introduction to the domain ontologies (SNOMED CT) meant for the general public, and some deep learning tools that can be used for this classification task.
The acknowledgments to the Examode project were expressed at the beginning and the end of the presentation.

The webinar was held through the Facebook and YouTube platforms. The slides of the presentation are also available.

ExaMode project meeting

The next ExaMode meeting has been confirmed for the 15th and 21st of June, 2021.

Because of the current situation with COVID-19, this will be an online meeting.

ExaMode and YourTerm collaboration

The ExaMode consortium has officially started a collaboration with the YourTerm – Terminology without borders project of the Terminology Coordination Unit (TermCoord).

The main aim of the project is to enhance communication in a number of domains by tailoring terminology to citizens’ needs through the use of several multilingual efforts.

The collaboration fits in the context of the YourTerm MED project in order to collect the Examode terminology in a new sub-project on Pathology and make it available for different languages and for supporting expert-layperson communication.